PFW Holiday 2012 Visions and Trends, Ready to Wear (May 27)

This is a photo blog post
Files are too big so if you see some pictures that look weird, then blame it on the big files. whatever.

photos courtesy of Hubby. A shot at Life Photography.

These are a lot of photos! You might get bored checking them out.


Ok. I noticed this wedding gowns and I’m like, What? Imagine wearing something like this on your wedding. It’s surely one of a kind. And then your wedding will be held in a cemetery instead of the church. Because of that skull they’re holding. But it’s waay cool don’t you think? If you’re up for something very unusual.

From where i sat I thought she’s holding a puppy. But it’s a skull pala.

I soo love this. EKSENA!


Let’s meet the designers

That’s all folks.
More pictures to come for Fashion Week. I know. We just love pictures don’t we?

Check out what’s happening at PFW. Visit


Cheryl aka Anoushka


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