PFW Holiday 2012 (May 26)

These are the pictures my hubby took for PFW on saturday. I do have lots of em but I really cant upload them here coz its time consuming.
this would be a photo blog for now.



Aren’t the gowns lovely?

Now let’s see who’s behind these masterpieces

My favorite designer Fanny Serrano


Sorry for the little photos to show you but If I can find enough time i will be putting all of em here.
Anyways, I had so much fun at PFW and I get to meet Fanny Serrano!
He’s so down to earth and very ma chika.

Mama Fanny and me
cherylazarraga 545014_4133252736514_1439402755_33607892_578495529_n

Me and model Rasfka

And let me share you Ms Leighton Meester. Im so awed.

Got the photos from a friend


This one is from the Penshoppe Fahion show

More of Fashion Week Post. Stay tuned 



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