Lovin Forever 21’s Love and beauty

These two bottles of nail polish are not from me. But I wanna have a review of them anyway since ‘ve tried an F21 nail polish from a colleague of mine. And I love it.
I love how the colors pop up and how cheap they are. Its only $2.80 and its quite a steal.
Though what I just observed about these nail polish is that it chips easily. If you dont use a base coat and a top coat, which I never bother doing. . You have to put on 2 to three coats if you want to achieve the right color you want.


My nails here in this picture are chipped. Excuse me for that because i’ve been wearing this nail polish form almost 3 weeks now. But aren’t the colors of these nail polish the prettiest?
It’s also fast drying. And what i like about these polish is that it never gets thick after a long
time of exposure, compared to other nail polish i’ve used.
I’d give this a thumbs up. And I can compare this to OPI nail polish. Both has a wide selection of colors and both performs well.
They also have scented ones available.
You might wanna order them online coz I haven’t seen a nail polish from Forever 21 in SM MAkati and Megamall.
Here’s the link http://www.forever21.com


6 thoughts on “Lovin Forever 21’s Love and beauty

  1. True. I practcally love anything from Forever 21. Im such a fan but too bad coz we don’t have nail polish available here in the Philippines. I haven’t seen one. I hope they have it here.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

  2. I LOVE BOTH the colors! They’re so striking!! Didn’t knew F21 had nail polish range before. But heck, these days almost every brand has them! Not sure if my local F21 has them! Wanna check them out~ ^^

  3. I dunno why here in the Philippines they dont sell them. I also love Etude House nail polish and the color turquiose is similar as the f21!
    Thanks Sachiko for dropping by. I hope you could also share some cute things for us 🙂

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