I just stumbled upon this blog and the author wrote about how he hates Filipinas. About telling the readers to be cautious of em. Especially american guys. And I read from the main content up to the long thread of comments and I was really kind of irritated!
Before judging a person, think of who you are first.
It’s bad to label a person just by what he/she has done. All people have reasons why they did certain things.
And I just hate the fact that you are categorizing Filipinas as greedy and opportunist, wherein there are even americans who are that way as well.
If most filipinas are like that, how come lots of foreigners still wants them? How come lots of americans even migrate here in the Philippines and settle down and marry a filipina woman and live happiliy ever after?
I’m just surprised there are still racist who exists in this world. I thought racist are long gone by now. Because the world has already evolved and most of us accepted and appreciated each culture, heritage and customs of different countries.
Whoever you are, I hope you get to realize that you lack knowledge and you are pure ignorant when it comes to Filipinos, or Filipinas. I guess you had a bad experience and you’re being bitter about it. But you may not know and realize that because of your post, you may have offended everyone, not just filipinas, but those foreigners who have filipina wives and girlfriends and families as well.
Be careful on what you write. I may not be a proffessional blogger. I may not be a popular blogger. But I know the difference between thinking before you write and bashing people through writing.
I wish you well on your blog though. I hope you get to realize lots of things.
But let’s learn to respect each other’s heritage.
to: Ultramagnus
of from: Tagapagtanggol ng mga filipina, Cheryl



7 thoughts on “RESPECT

  1. Yeah I know. Well, everyone has their own opinions but they can be more careful.
    Thanks for visiting at my blog. I appreciate it. I liked your blog as well and I love your cat Oreo!I love cats!

  2. Have to say that our family has been busted up by a Filipina who stole ALL my ex husband’s retirement funds to build herself a house in Philippines–her friends call it a MANSION!! Now he is paying for her annulment and getting her fiance visa because she wants to come to the USA. Why?? Why, when she has a mansion in your country??!!?? And what about my children who have no money for their future and their college education??? God IS the judge. You play today—you pay tomorrow. There is a final judgement and she will not avoid it. It is better that a millstone be around your neck and you be cast into the sea, rather than you offend children. Look it up in the Bible.
    Tell me why I shouldn’t be wary of other Filipina’s???? I would be friends with one because I don’t consider them all bad; but not without putting up a lot of boundaries until I learned what her REAL character is. Don’t judge those of us who share tragic experiences we have suffered at the hands of a greedy selfish Filipina!!! My story is not the only tragic one. You say we judge, but you are doing the same thing. Open your eyes.

  3. Everyone has their own bad experiences. I had some bad experiences with foreigners (not just americans) as well. But I leraned how to respect each other’s cultures and heritage. In fact, I have some american friends who I love dearly and treasure them and treat them as family because they are so caring and sweet. I dunno if you have checked the blog that i’m talking about but you can see on his post how bitter he is about filipinas. And of course, I as a filipina, just felt bad about it. I know that we do have freedom of speech. But sometimes, we really have to be careful. If you were in my shoes and you heard someone is saying bad things about american girls? what would you feel?
    The author of that blog clearly generalized filipino women. And that’s not a good thing.

  4. Yes, generalizing just makes it look ugly. That’s the one Cherryl is feeling bad about. On the other hand, I see the point of Nancy and I sympathise with her. She is experiencing the collateral damage. As a mom she worries for their children’s financial support. -Double D

  5. Im a mom too so if ever that kind of thing happens to my kids of course i would also feel bad. I totally understand you. And thanks Double D for sharing your thoughts.
    I just hope everyone can just get along. All nations, as ONE.

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