Girl bonding

These photos are sort of behind the scenes from our Sofitel Photoshoot. We were just in the bathroom doin our makeup. I can’t help but share this because we look cute here. I think. Haha.





And then these are the shots from Forever 21. I swear every time im here, I just can’t seem to walk out of the store empty handed. I am currently on a budget since back to school is about to start and I have to save for my kids school stuff. But, I can’t control myself. I just hope there’s cure for being a shopaholic. If you know any, I hope you can share it with me. I’ve been struggling with this sickness for a long time and sometimes, it’s getting out of hand. Like, I would buy stuff that I really don’t need and would even throw tantrums at hubby. Yes, literally begging and pouting with stomping of the feet. I know, I’m so childish. I admit it. but, i’m trying my best here. I really am.


 We don’t have pictures of our Greenhills shopping but it was great. Christina bought several bags! We bought a replica Marc Jacobs metallic tote in light blue. I’m not planning to buy one but i got envious. It’s cute naman. She also bought souvenirs for her friends back in Arizona.

I just hope we could still bond some more. I enjoyed shopping with her because she doesn’t complain. AAnd we both have so many things in common. Like lovin gossip Girls, partying and fashion. She’s more of a rocker chic though, and i’m more of the girly type.

I am going to join the Nuffnang contest. Details coming very soon. I will be blogging about it.

Thank you for reading and visiting my site.




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