Photoshoot @ Sofitel Part II

It’s time for shopping!
We decided to change our outfits and wear comfortable clothes because its so hot outside we thought we’re gonna be dehydrated. I thought of just wearing shorts and a cute top. I helped Christina pick an outfit and she showed me what she brought with her. I saw her cute pink top and I think it would really look good on her since it’s perfect for summer.



We’re supposed to look like we’re talking here but it just turned out this way. I know. We really don’t know how to act natural in front of the camera. HAHA. We’re no models and we can’t be one. It’s just so hard not to be goofy. Lance is instructing us on what to do and yet I can’t seem to get what he’s trying to tell me. So I just pretty much looked in Christina’s direction and just act like i’m interested on what she’s doing. Oh my.

Christina is more natural when it comes to this. She looks thoughtful, which is what Lance wants her to do.

Elevator shots. I think this one turned out quite good.

Lookie, Your shadow Lance, Haha. Guess we hadn’t known your reflection will be seen here.

Now let’s move on to outdoor shots. The sun is blazing hot!


Tiered top from Topshop
cut out shorts(all time favorite, thrifted.)
Black flats (thrifted)
Bag from Nine West
Sunglasses, Mango
Top from Charlotte Russe
Shorts and sandals both from American Eagle



This is the hardest part for me where you get to sit in the big rubber pillow and the sun is literally directed towards my face, while Christina is enjoing the heat!


I love this shot though. We look so sexy here.


See how i’m trying not to squint. I cannot take the rays of the sun so I put my hand in my forehead. Haha. While Christina, looks like she doesn’t want to get out of that pillow. Owmiiigooossssh.


In this picture, we pretend we’re talking and gossiping. Christina looks more of an actress than me. Look how stiff I am. Without so much as a facial expression while Christina giving hand gestures and such.


You’re so cute here Christina. I’m sure your friends will be ecstatic when they see this photoshoot.

Siyempre dapat ako din, Dakilang Feelingera lang. LOL.

Now let’s check out hubby’s pictures of Sofitel and the view surrounding it. It’s quite spectacular.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza


The Manila Bay with it’s tall buildings


Sofitel’s smoking lounge

Great view of the swimming pool area with all the coconut trees.

I just had so much fun having this fun photoshoot. I hope there will be next time.
I can’t wait for Fashion Week though. I am still trying to decide on what to wear.

Anyways, thanks to Sofitel Plaza for being so nice to us because they were so polite and they pretty much ignored us while taking pictures even if we stepped on the grass over the mini golf course area. I think it’s off limits during the mornings because I think I saw a sign that says one.
I am impressed by this hotel, really.
I’m hoping we could find like deals online for an overnight stay. It’s so expensive kasi.

So, Bye for now bloggers and readers.
I will be blogging for upcoming events nexc week and i’m so excited about it.

Pictures taken by

Roxas Azarraga for A Shot at Life Photography

Models: Christina Miller

Cheryl Azarraga

Stylist: Cheryl Azarraga

Location: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Lurve it!!!

See yah.

Love lots,



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