Photoshoot at Sofitel

Now here is the promised photos I wanna share with you. These are taken before we went out shopping last Saturday. Christina is pretty much excited about our photo shoot because the sun is blazing outside and she wants to get a tan. I, on the other hand, is trying to avoid it because i’m negra already.

Me and Christina at Sofitel

sitting outside smoking. This is the balcony area. We’re killing time coz Glorietta is not open until 10 am.

At the room trying to look S and B. Haha. In our dreams!

Christina is looking for that Bunny Ears case that’s becoming a fad for cell phones these days. I know almost all of the people have them.

I look Palita here. Haha. Ang chaka ko. LOL.

Facebook-ing, while yowsi-ing


My outfit

Skinnies, Freego
Top, Wish For Peace Love
Boots, Breckelles
Ring, Forever 21
Necklace, Bb. Pilipinas souvenir

Christina’s outfit
Jeans, Guess
Top, Banana Republic

Hope you enjoyed your weekened as much as I do.
I will be posting our part 2 photoshoot courtesy of hubby.




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