These are the second set of photos I promised to share. I should warn you, I really looked like a drowned rat and I’m not even wearing makeup, I just had on  red lipstick and that’s it. But who gives? the good thing is, we had fun.

The photos are courtesy of Christina. Thanks to her because hubby didn’t brought his cam coz it’s too bulky and he doesn’t wanna look like an in-house photographer for ICON.

Let’s enjoy the clubbing scene again shall we?

She downed a few beers. I didn’t count. LOL.

Tugsh Tugsh Tugsh Tugsh

Trance and House music love!

Even if you have kids and married already, don’t stop having fun. There’s nothing wrong with it. Most married couples tend to stress themselves with money, work and taking care of their kids. It makes them look twice their age. Me and my hubby also had some shares of difficulties and hurdles in life. We even fight most of the time about basically anything. Even petty things like who will take care of the budgeting, who will go to the groceries, who will pay the electricity and stuff. But we always make it a point to settle things and solve the problem at hand rather than dwell on it. We try as much as possible to appreciate the things we have. 

Anyways, to all couples out there, don’t stop being young. It’s just age. We can still look and feel young if we want to. Let’s don’t pressure ourselves with problems. Rather, let’s concentrate on finding solutions instead. Easy for me to say I know. But that’s the truth. Look at other couples who have worry lines etched on their foreheads! And you ask them their age and you will be surprised they are even younger than you. Some of ’em are like, 25 or so, but they look 30yish already.

So, moral of story, don’t stress with problems too much. Go out once in a while and book for a vacay, or party just like what we do. It helps bring you closer to each other and keep the fire burning.


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