It was a blast last Saturday Night!

Hubby and I decided to go out because we miss partying every Saturday. It’s actually one way for us to relieve the stress from working in a BPO Company.

The original plan was,  we would be going out with our friends in seperate clubs. Him with his officemates and me with my friends. But there was change of plans so we ended up going out together with my friends and along with his colleague who happens to be from Arizona and wanted to experience the clubbing scene in the Philippines.

We’re supposed to go to Trance Till Dawn but unfortunately we were already late for the guestlist and also, we thought our friends wouldn’t want trance music.  We ended up at ICON, which is a very good decision because, it’s near and we have no trouble going inside even without a guestlist.

With my friend Mel and his friend Shiela. On my right side is Christina Miller, who’s my hubby’s colleague from Arizona.

 Christina and I hit it off. She’s soo cool I felt an instant connection with this girl.



At the Hotel Intercontinental lobby

Mel’s  Boyfriend beside me on the right.

The clubbing scene

  • My Hubby Lance didn’t get drunk because he only had 2 bottles.

More pictures to come coz i’m still waiting for the others toupload their pics.
It’s nice meeting new people.

Yours truly,



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