The broken Lamp

Summer is about to end and luckily we still have enough days left to go on vacation. I still have 2 more vacation leaves plotted. Today is a saturday and I’m spending time playing with my kids. Savannah broke our lamp, hence the title of this post.. were supposed to throw it but Zoey insisted on keeping it because she thought it would somehow still be useful. And she’s right! Haha.
Zo as my photographer using my blackberry.

I know. It’s the infamous sofa. Sorry.

Shorts from People are People.

Black Flats. Oooh, and look at those veins.

I’m a praying lamp. I know I look stupid. Ouch. Haha

(Sheer top from Mphosis and tube top from Forever 21)

Polo. The mint with the hole.

It’s Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there.
Hope we enjoy our weekends.

ciao, adios, paalam.



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