Pseudonymous Bosch

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages!!!! So, it’s time to share it!

I haven’t shared with you how I love reading books. Fiction or non-fiction.
Reading has been one of my passionate hobby.

I started collecting books and being a bookworm when I was like, 7 years old.. My first collection was the famous Archie’s Digest and Jughead.  I also had this collection of Sweet Valley Kids, Twins, High and University standing neatly in rows at my mini library. Adding to it are Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins Mysteries. Until now, I still had them kept in a box stored at our upstairs room.
Back then, I would always beg my mommy and daddy to buy me dozens of em. (Yeah, dozens!)I would throw a tantrum if ever they refuse because they’re a bit expensive. That’s how spoiled brat I am.  My friends started collecting Clueless and being the “inggitera” that I am, I also bought the whole series.
In my highschool days, my friends and I would cut class just so we could go shopping at Shangri La and Quad ( Now known as Glorietta Shopping Center ).  Our school is in Makati and don’t know how to commute that time so my classmate would call their driver Mang Jimmy and request to drive us at the mall.  Trixie, my friend, offered bribes to  him like money and food and cigarettes just so he wouldn’t tell on us . It’s unbelievable how me and my friends loved shopping for clothes, shoes, Hello Kitty stuff, Lisa Frank bags and stationeries and books instead  of studying.
That was like waay, waay back!
Until now, (I’m already old .Yes, old),I still have this thing for books that I can’t easily let go of. I love the musty smell of the library, and the fresh page of a new book. I’m so much more entertained in reading than watching certain movies. Too geek I must say.

I’m now blabbing nonstop so I gotta stop I know. Haha.
Enough of my childhood days. Basta, ayon. I loove Reading. Period.
Hence, I want to share with you the book series I’m currently reading written by Pseudonymous Bosch. I find the book so entertaining and hilarious. I love the cover and the illustrations. The story is about two best friends named Cass and Max Ernest, who are the Protagonists of the story. It tells about their adventures as being members of the Terces Society (a jumble of the word Secret). Cass by the way reminds me of Wanda Petronski. I’m not sure if you know her but she’s the character in the book Hundred Dresses. She’s this thin girl with a weird name who lived in Boggins Heights, somewhere in the boonies.. Her classmates always make fun of her for being poor. Well Cass, on the other hand, is not poor, just weird. That’s their similarity. Both weird and sort of a laughingstock.  Well, anyways,  Max Ernest and Cass are being chased by the Midnight Sun, their mortal enemies. Among the Midnight Sun masters are Ms Mauvals and Dr L. It’s sort of a long story which is really hard to summarize(because i’m not good at this haha).
But I suggest you read the book. It’s more on the imaginative side because the author won’t really reveal the real names of the characters. The names Cass and Max Ernest are not really their real names. Though I just find it a bit annoying because on the first few chapters, the author always warn the readers not to finish reading the book. Like he’s saying there is always a secret behind the story and a secret to be revealed and had you wondering if there is really a secret,and in the end, the author just wants you to wonder and wonder. The book is somewhat similar to The Series of Unfortunate Events.
What I love most about these books are the titles! So funny.

Book 1-The Name of this Book is called Secret

Book 2- If you’re reading this it’s too late

Sorry naman nakita yung walis haha. (sorry there’s a broom.)

 book 3-This Book is not good for You.

this one is my favorite. It’s about chocolate.

book 4- This Isn’t what it looks like.

How do you find these books so far? Aren’t they the cutest?
There’s still one book that I haven’t bought yet. It’s the last book on this series titled “You have to Stop this.”

Book 5-You Have to Stop this”

pseudonymous bosch

I still have a long list of books to read. I recently bought Michael Scott’s The Secrets of the Immortal Book 1 The Alchemist. And I still have some old Lisa Jackson books I haven’t finished yet.
Teach your child to appreciate reading. The more they read, the more things they will know. The more they learn, the more places they’ll go Heard that quote by Dr Seuss- “I can read with my eyes shut.”


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