For the girl who is the Social Climber

The Social Climber

You’re always trying to impress
But you’re never good enough
Stand each time you fall
Pretending to be tough

You strive to be popular
You want to be one of them
All you can think about is having
the right clothes, hair, and gems

Start spending all your allowance
On the clothes that are “in”
Just because you want to make it
Just because you want to win

Then you get your nails done
Every single Sunday
Hoping that you’ll be accepted
Cause that’s worth all the pay.

Now you’ve got all the right things
Make-up, clothes, designer bags
Buying Coach purses
That are marked  more than 1000 on the tags

On your way to the top
Now people think you’re hot
They love the way you “act”
Loving all the things your not

“Okay you poser
We all hate what you’re doing
And how you’re trying to be.”

You tried to be someone special
But you wind up like everyone else
Your life really screwed up
When you tried to lose yourself

Don’t be like this girl
She ends up just part of the crowd
When she wished to be royalty
To have everyone bow down

But when you fall down seven
You should stand up eight
And never lose yourself
Because that can never be replaced.

I dedicate this to Sophie, The Social Climber.

Sophie says she is so fab but she doesnt know how shallow she is.

The Social Climber



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