New Life Christian Center Alabang. Where I found God again.

I am a Catholic and was born one. It never really crossed my mind to convert in another religion because ever since I was a kid, I am always active in participating at church activities . I was a member of children’s choir and I really enjoyed it.
But as I grew up with being exposed to different kinds of people, different culture and environment, I become a different person.
In other words, I drifted away. I have become the total opposite of myself. Loud, irritable, wild and unbreakable.
I don’t go to church anymore.
And it suddenly hits me like a rock being thrown in my head. I need to find God. I need to go back to him and embrace him once more. I mean, there have been lots of problems go my way, and the only time I call on to him is during those times. I know it really sounded so unfair for Him and yet, he’s still there for me, guiding me, loving me and never letting go of me.
I am so blessed to finally found Him once more, with the help of angels sent by God to finally knock the sense out of me and tell me “Hey, I miss you Child. I hope you visit me sometimes.”
I know, I know. It really sounded like, Cheryl? is that you? haha. But seriously, these angels I’m talking about are actually my friends from work. One particular friend who invited me to attend a service is Dawn. My ever gorgeous friend.   She’s a very spiritual person. I totally admire her for being so God centered, and also the fact that I  feel like I’ve known her for ages. We have so many things in common that we practically hit it off right then and there. She’s so hilarious. So fun and such a great mother to her daughter.

Me and Dawn

Well, as I was saying, She invited me to attend the service at New Life and boy, I was totally speechless. The people are so friendly and sweet. They gave a warm welcome to the newcomers. I was with my daughter Zo that time and we were given a welcome token of some sorts,  pen and a CD.
So I was there and I’m like singing and dancing a bit and pretty much just listening to the songs and the next minute, I’m crying already! I mean, I really don’t know why I cried. It was really amazing! I really felt the presence of the Lord in that room and got cold all over I’m not kidding!
So, I think it’s a sign or a calling or whatever. But I am planning to give myself a chance and reflect and go back to the Lord.
So, I am actually considering of converting from being a Catholic and exploring the world of a good Christian.
By the way, if you are curious where New Life Christian Church is, here are the details and any information you would like to know about New Life.

New Life Christian Center, Alabang began as a small bible study group in September 1990. Eight months later, on May 5, 1991, its first church service began. Since then, the Lord has caused the church to grow tremendously.
New Life Christian Center, Alabang is about loving with all our Heart…
praising with all our Might…
serving with all our Life…our Lord JESUS!
It is truly a testimony of God’s infinite goodness and awesome power. We believe when lives are changed, a nation is reached as well. At New Life Christian Center, we desire to help people realize and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus came to bring them. In the gospel of John 10:10 it says, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” We believe in the integrity and power of the Word of God, and in the truth that every person is of great value and is important to Him. We are therefore committed to demonstrate His love, His grace and His compassion to people…
Under the umbrella of New Life Christian Center, Alabang there are 32 strong local churches located all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. With one heart and one mind, New Life churches are fulfilling the call and the vision given by God to Pastors Paul and Shoddy Chase, Founders and Senior Pastors of New Life, which is to build strong local churches all over the nation, to the glory and praise of God.

you may visit their webiste


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