Etude House So Lovely Allover Spray

I ran out of body spray last week and went hunting for nice, mild and girly fragrance. I really couldn’t live without a cologne or body mist because it really comes on handy whenever I feel like I’m a bit stinky coz of sweat. Especially after yoga class. So! Here’s what I bought for myself

I saw this cute bottle at Etude House and it really caught my attention. I love the spray bottle and the heart design.
I also like the fact that its really cheap (which costs around 400 or so.)

It can be used not just a body spray but also for shoes and bags! Room spray, locker spray, an ALLOVER spray! (Speaks for itself)
Look at the cute light pink bottle with that heart logo. It actually comes with a tag and ribbon but my daughter snatched it and used it as a bookmark.

I got the Sparkling watery fruity floral which, obviously,smells like one. Its fruity with a bit of baby powderish note.

This one has a typical spray bottle which is a bit rare for most body sprays. You would really think its a room spray because of the bottle design. There’s a lock in it for safety para walang sayang diba? .
Anyway, I’d give it a 5 on the fragrance part because the scent doesn’t stay long. Though I would recommend this for use after yoga class, gym,or if you want just for a plain room spray.
Ugh, no look post for this week. I’m a bit tired because I’m now doing yoga and I’m really quite tired often.
Till my next post,



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