Fashion the !3th @ SOFA

I  have been wanting to check out the latest designs of one of my fave shoe designer Danika, i woke up really early and tried to wake myself up with a doze of caffeine from Starbucks before heading to SOFA for the fashion show.

Mel and me waiting for the show to start. We arrived around quarter to 7
And since the show is not yet starting, we asked hubby to take some photos of us first


We tried making the most of our time taking pictures. Haha. My gastro is acting up again and i’m quite uncomfortable but i think i managed to look normal naman.

BBM much?

Hosts of the show

And  now lets look at those gorge models!

I love those big ribbons

and more models

There are more pictures but i uploaded them on Facebook. I can’t squeeze all of them here coz i’ts really time consuming. Anyways, i had fun and hope there would be another fashion event like this one.

Till next post


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