Tous Les Jours Authentic Bakery

Annyong haseyo!

(Korean greeting)

I just love anything Korean. For some odd reason, most of their stuff are soo cute. From  their makeups, beauty products, clothes, shoes aaargghhh…and even cakes and breads!

Brace yourselves and be ready for your mouths to water.The following pictures could really be bad for you. At least, for your diet. Haha.

Ladies and gentlemen, Let me introduce to you, the first Korean Bakery opened here in  Manila  (drumroll please), TOUS LES JOURS.


Curious about the brand name? I mean why french and yet it’s a Korean Bakery?


Tous Les Jours is French for “Everyday”, which most aptly conveys the idea of freshly baked goods.

Let me tell you a bit of history about TOUS LES JOURS  (if you really can’t pronounce it just simply say TLJ)

Established in 1996, Tous Les Jours is a leading chain in the food industry’s premium café bakery segment. Tous Les Jours developed an on-site production system for each store to provide customers with 100-percent freshly baked products, as well as delectable cakes made from the finest ingredients and the most sophisticated fermentation technology.

September 1997 Opened 1st Tous Les Jours Store (Gu-Ri, Korea).

As of 2008, Tous Les Jours operates bakery-cafes across the United States as well as in Asian countries outside of Korea, including China and Vietnam. In the United States, we currently operate more than 10 stores in California, Texas and Georgia. It is Tous Les Jours’ goal to continue to expand worldwide, so a broader population will be able to enjoy our freshly baked pastries daily.

The Symbol

Tous Les Jours is represented by a happy mother who has picked up freshly baked bread and is on her way home to feed a loving family. This image represents the homespun values of our company, which place our customers’ needs first.

Here are the pictures of that “Endless love” inspired bike parked outside the bakery.

I suddenly wanna watch Baker King. I’m sure Tak Gu also has one of these bikes.  Love it.

Now are you ready for some mouth-watering experience?


Custard Cream Pastry is one of the breads I’ve tried and it’s very delicious. The custard is soo creamy. Only P38.00.

Sweet Potato Pie P48

Cream Cheese Pastry at p68 and Apple Pie at p48

What I like about TLJ is that they cover their breads with plastic wrappers.  Germs circulate in an air-conditioned room, so it’s just wise to cover the breads instead of having them laid out in the open.

Lets now check out their artistically designed cakes.

Beautifully designed cakes at affordable prices. Its soo not BORING.

Savannah will really love this cutie Bear cake for only p498.00

This one is for Zoey

Apple Inspiration. It looks like I  just smelled apples from Seoul.

Perfect this Valentine’s Day. Whoa. I’m gonna have Lance buy me this one. The Full of Heart cake p698.00

I am very impressed with their cakes. Prices are very reasonable too.
I didn’t go home without buying one for my family.

The salespeople are very nice and very accommodating. I also noticed how keen Koreans are when it comes to cleanliness. Look at how they even wore masks. I will definitely be back and will be their “all time suki”

They also have juice drinks available. I bought one called HOME crushed peach juice and it has juicy peach pulp.I’ll be keeping this bottle. It”s just too cute to throw it away.

A little trivia: Koreans love peaches and they make sure they put it on every product they make.

More pictures

And… I went home with my chosen cake. The Strawberry  Inspiration Fresh Yogurt Cream Cake!

The cute box and the free pretty candles that goes with it.

Let’s now make a cake review

the teardrop like on top of this cake is made of strawberry syrup. It’s so intricate. It really takes a lot of talent to create a cake such as this.

The name tag on the cake is also”s chocolate.

The icing is very creamy since it”s made out of eggs and yogurt.

It really takes courage for me to slice the cake coz it’s  too beautiful to eat. But I have to coz what’s the purpose of buying a cake if you’re not gonna eat it right?
Fluffy pink chiffon cake combined with the creaminess of the yogurt icing. Sweet and with the right amount of sourness taste.

The green dusting on this cake is made of powdered tea leaf I think. It really taste like you’ve eaten a leaf (don’t worry coz it can be eaten). Koreans are fond of teas and the like so i”m assuming this one is made of tea leaf.

and finally….Savannah tasting the “pasalubong”.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and maybe you would wanna consider dropping by TLJ for a change in your cake preference. ( I am the type who loves to try new things and I really don’t like boring stuff, I’m a bit adventurous like that. Wink Wink. )

curious where to find them? Here are their store locations:


Ground Floor The Block (Main Entrance near SM Hypermarket and Almond Marina)

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Friday 9am to 11pm
Saturday 9am to 12am(Midnight)

Tel: (02) 921.8972


Ground Floor (Near Etude House – Between Entrance 3 and 5)

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Friday 10am to 10pm
Saturday 10am to 11pm

Tel: (02) 621.0637


3. ALABANG TOWN CENTER Ground Floor (Next to Italianni’s) – Feb 2012

4. J CENTER MALL CEBU Ground Floor (Next to Jollibee) – Feb 2012

You may visit their website at

And like their Facebook page

Till my next post.


안녕히 가세요



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