Its really not the end of the world

This is my first look post for this year 2012. It’s never really the end of the world. We really cannot tell when for sure but all we can  do is make the most of our life and be happy and contented. As for me, i am making the most of what i got and though sometimes, lightning strikes us with grief and misery, we always have this little hope that everything will turn  out right. Stay COOL and always SMILE. Wow. Haha.



Whenever i go shopping I always wear just the most comfortable clothes like jeans and just pair it up with a nice top and a bit of accessories. i still do not want to look boring.




I have to admit I am so much addicted to coffee I was even diagnosed with Gastritis. Ugh. Doctor said i have to cut down on drinking sodas, coffee and suka etc(waaah i so love drinking suka with my fave barbecue so not that one please.)



My ever trusted brand of shoes, Parisian. Very sturdy, unlike the old Parisian brand we knew way back in the 80’s.


And now let’s move on to my accessories.

img_5820Crystal studded bracelet from my fave Forever 21



Turquoise ring from WWW(What Women Wants)



Floral shoulder bag from Forever 21




Happy Sunday Everyone.


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