Asian Institute of Fashion at Iacademy

The school that offers AB Fashion Design. They also offer workshops for those who are busy and still wanted to learn a thing or two about fashion, just like me.

AB Fashion Design
The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design (ABFD) program under the Asian Institute of Fashion (AIF) in iAcademy hones and develops students with professional excellence in design. AIF students are ethical, intellectual, creative and professional. The comprehensive curriculum integrates art, fashion and technology to develop graduates for the global industry of Fashion.

The ABFD program develops students’ artistic, aesthetic, analytical and technological abilities by integrating theory, practice, mentorship and exposure to the real world of fashion. Students are exposed to all aspects of fashion design, including fashion sketching, creative design, computer applications, sewing, draping, and pattern drafting. The intensive and thorough curriculum is taught by faculty with outstanding academic and industry experience.
AIFprovides education of exceptional quality. It enables students to remain competitive by investing in state-of-the-art technology, expands students’ artistic abilities through cultural exposure with an emphasis on art and history, promotes student growth and self-development through student and faculty supported activities and programs, provides students with a professional network of industry movers and shakers, and develops and maintains attractive, accessible, and functional facilities that support learning. AIF provides the venue for students to gain exposure in their chosen profession through internships, guest lectures, and mentoring from core faculty members.

Prospective students include high school graduates and degree-holders who are interested in careers in fashion design for the apparel industry. iAcademy fully prepares and support the students to find careers as: – Fashion Designer – Fashion Stylist
– Fashion Merchandiser
– Visual Merchandise Designer
– Apparel Production Manager
– Fabric Quality Control Manager
– Set Designer
Apply now for AB Fashion Design

Nor only that, If you are a busy and fashionable mom like me who wants to learn a thing or two about fashion, then enroll in their Designer Fashion Workshops.

And do you know that they are the partner school of Project Runway?

Read on for more details.

Workshop Descriptions

1) Fashion Illustration

This workshop is designed to teach the student how to do a fashion sketch as an artistic rendering. The freehand movement when rendering a sketch is guided by proper visualization of how a fabric falls, how to show the design details and how mood is created within the sketch. The students are encouraged to express their own style of rendering and create their own mood and be effective at visually interpreting their ideas and designs onto paper.

2) Pattern Drafting 1
Students will learn to draft basic slopers/patterns, the building blocks of a style pattern, in order to learn the tools, terms, and methods used for flat pattern drafting.

3) Pattern Drafting 2
After learning the basics of pattern drafting students will learn the principles of pattern making; dart manipulation, added volume and contouring. Upon the completion of this workshop, students are able to draft patterns of almost all garment designs.
*Pre-Requisite: Pattern Drafting 1

4) Draping 1

This workshop introduces the student to another method of pattern making by draping. The student will work with fabric instead of paper to create a basic pattern set consisting of the front and back bodice slopers; front and back skirt slopers and the basic sleeve.

5) Draping 2
Draping is an intuitive and enjoyable way to create fashion ideas. By twisting, pleating, folding, gathering and/or layering fabric on a dummy, you can get the most unexpected results. The reality is that most figures are not made to standard measurements and often experience difficulty in finding clothes that fit perfectly. Working with basic blocks, you will learn how to draft patterns according to specific measurements. Emphasis on achieving a good fit will be taught through the stages of constructing a garment from muslin to finished product.
*Pre-Requisite: Draping 1

6) Basic Sewing
This workshop aims to familiarize the student with the various tools and machines used in the garment business. Through creative exercises and projects student will learn how to sew using an industrial sewing machine. This workshop will prepare the student for advanced sewing courses in garment construction. Students come out of this workshop with the skills to use an industrial sewing machine as well as plenty sewing projects including simple garments.

7) Garment Construction
This workshop is an introduction to the unit method of clothing construction women’s/men’s wear using commercial flat patterns. In this workshop students will learn how to sew garments together using flat patterns.
*Pre-Requisite: Basic Sewing, Creative Exercises in Sewing or basic knowledge and use of sewing equipment and supplies

8) Fashion Styling
Fashion Stylists are high in demand these days. Styling is an essential factor in making or breaking an image. Great stylists can become fashion editors or fashion consultants to big brands. The workshop aims to introduce the student to the business of fashion styling—its job description and how it can shrink or grow with every fashion opportunity. Through this workshop, students will learn what it takes to be a stylist as well as techniques of fashion styling through lectures, projects and on-site styling assignments. Students will come out of the workshop with plenty of hands on and on-site styling experiences as well as projects to add to their portfolio.

9) Creative Accessories Design

This workshop will guide students to create accessories using conventional material and techniques combined with uncongenial design. Unleash your creativity with this course and come out with unique pieces you can truly call your own.

10) Color and Design Theory

An introductory study of the principles and elements of color and design theory.
This course introduces the formal elements of line, shape, color, texture, and composition as well as the graphic principles of balance, repetition, scale, emphasis, and unity. Students learn that the organization, exploitation, or manipulation of elements is essential to achieve a good design.
Students learn how to combine colors into a harmonious whole. By learning the key properties of color and how to manipulate them, students achieve an understanding of how color can affect a design or composition.
Students critique aspects of a visual representation by analyzing the components of design and the use of color by the artist.

Meet our Faculty
Jojie Lloren attended the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne after winning the grand prize at the Concours International des Jeunes Createurs de Mode in Paris. This UP-B.S. Clothing Technology, graduate has won many prestigious fashion awards and continuous to be one of today’s most respected fashion designers. Jojie Lloren is a judge and the mentor in Project Runway Philippines.

At age 22, Roy Gonzales graduated at the top of his class at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. He was hand picked by Pierre Cardin immediately after in the early ‘60s. For 35 years, Roy Gonzales leads French fashion couture houses like Jean Patou and Lecoanet-Hemant fro 35 years. Today, he heads the hundred-year-old R.T.Paras Haute Couture, founded by his grandmother.

Lulu Tan-Gan is a Fine Arts and Fashion Design graduate of UST and the Madonna School of Fashion, respectively. Known as the “Queen of Knits,” she continues to further her studies through short courses at AIM and London ’s Central St. Martins.

Inno Sotto is an alumnus of both Parsons School of Design and the San Francisco School of Fashion Design. As a young designer, he won the Saga Mink and the Young Fashion designer’s Competition in America. Known as the Prince of Fashion, Inno has had 30 years of industry experience and has been the Creative Director of Alumni of both Parsons School of Design and San Francisco School of Fashion Design; Inno Sotto has had 30 years of industry experience and has been the Creative Director of Rustan’s for the past three years.

Joey Samson is an alumnus of La Salle and Slim’s Fashion and Arts School. Those with an eye for detail and who are willing to push the style envelope best appreciate his aesthetic. His pieces permeate his signature: apart from the androgynous trademark, they thread the fine line between trendy and wearable.

The multi-talented Robi Lolin is an alumnus of the UST, Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising. He has lent his fashion design and
illustration talents to various fashion magazines and international fashion competition. Over the past three years, he has worked as the head designer at Folded and Hung.

An alumnus of UP, BS Clothing Technology, Pidge Reyes is a full time sculptor who applies the technical skills of garment production into his artworks. Pidge also does product development for garment factories particularly in active wear and also creates various fabric-based products such as hats, throw pillows, bags and the like for select brands and specialty stores.

Noel Manapat is a graduate of Commercial Art from the Ateneo. His styling directions based on brand identities is culled from his previous experiences in advertising and publishing as copywriter and editor-in-chief. His continuous exposures led him to expand his styling work into product development, brand design and consultancy. As a freelance stylist, his clients include celebrities, major television networks, top fashion designers and the retail giant, Bench.

Dennis V. Celestial is a product of the UP College of Fine Arts. All through out his design career he dabbled in freelance advertising, designed headpieces and costumes. Self taught in accessory design, he went about exploring ways to create wearable pieces of art.

Millet Arzaga is one of the most sought after fashion stylist in the Philippines. With 13 years of styling experience under her belt Millet continues to strengthen her skills by taking courses at Central St. Martins in London and the London College of Fashion, UK. Millet Arzaga styles for ad campaigns, fashion magazines, fashion editorials/features/advertorials, TV shows, celebrities/personalities, fashion shows/events.

Manny Marquez is an alumnus of Slim’s Fashion and Arts school and the Madonna School of Fashion. Designing since 1992, Manny gained his skill in precision sewing, beading and cutting through a mentorship with legendary Mang Ben Ferales. In 2009, Manny won the grand prize on Project Runway Philippines where he won a scholarship to Instituto Marangoni Italy Fashion Design.

Patrice Ramos-Diaz is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts. Patrice is one of the founding members of the Council of Fashion Designers of the Philippines. She has been invited to represent the country together with a number of other designers in many major trade shows abroad, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New York and Las Vegas.

So again, if you are very interested, visit their website

DFW at the Asian Institute of Fashion
4/F iACADEMY Building
6764 Ayala Avenue
Makati City

Tel: (02)9945592
Mobile: 09188031322

a sneak peek inside the draping classroon with Jojie Loren:

The students display their projects showing off their new draping skills! Next stop..draping 2! We will offer it after Project Runway Season 3 finishes production on campus.

Draping 1 is a beginners workshop open to all.


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