Asian Institute of Fashion’s Meet the Mentors


A very busy day yesterday. Finally, these are the photos taken from ” Fashion in Practice” The lecture was so inspiring.


The ever gorgeous Ms Lulu Tan Gan


Master Illustrator and head of Folded and Hung’s creative team Robi Lolin. 

Jes Tan Gan

I just look so fat next to Ms Lulu.


Manny Marquez-Grand prize winner of Project Runway Season 2



I actually took lots of photos but I’m just too tired to upload them  Most of the shots were just similar to the ones here so Idecided not to post all of them and all of them are blurry anyway. I just don’t have the talent in taking photos. hahaha.If you notice most of them are either blurry or they got lots of noise in the background.

Anywhoo, If in case you’re reading this, and you are interested in anything related to fashion, I encourage you to enroll at the Asian Institute of Fashion @ IAcademy. It’s  a lot cheaper compared to some Fashion schools i know and the greatest thing of it is that all your mentors are the ones who already earned their names in the fashion industry.

I’ll post the infos later. I’ll just eat my dinner hahaha.

Wait till my next post in a few minutes.

I have to be serious with fashion if I wanted to pursue my designer dreams.







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