Lorys Hair Cream

I first stumbled upon LORYS while hunting for a nice smelling and cheap hot oil product. I was browsing the racks of Watson’s and the saleslady behind me offered to help me with my dilemma. I told her i was looking for a good hot oil treatment. She came up holding a jar of LORYS
I requested for her to open it since i don’t wanna buy something that has an awful smell. And surprisingly, When she opened the jar, it smells absolutely great. The consistency is a little less thick than some of the creams out in the market and it makes me wanna eat it coz it really smells chocoliscious!
There are lots of variants to choose from:
Ceramidas – deeply treat and condition the opaque and damaged hair
Duo Chocolate – for the intensive care of damaged and sensitive hair
Fruit Cocktail – for the care and condition of all types of hair
Snake Oil – to protect, restore and condition damaged and chemically treated hair
Shea Butter – to deeply treat and condition the curly and dry hair.
Nutri Sun Gloss – for nutrition and protection of your hair

and…guess how much the 45 g jar costs. 185.00 php

naku,,,try mo rin. My hair feels so soft, and smells great. My hubby keeps on burrowing his nose on it. hahaha


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