Missing Skinfood BB creams

I’ve  been a big fan of Skinfood products. I even have my own Multiply and used to sell them. But because of Korean craze here in the Philippines, there are other Korean makeup brands sprouting everywhere. Skinfood is a bit expensive, So I opted for other brands to try out, and decided to close my Multiply store.

Tried other brands like Missha, Etude House and other cheaper brands, I realized Skinfood is still the best especially when it comes to BB creams.



These are two of my favorites.

It’s not sticky. It smells great and it works wonders on my face. It creates a subtle dewy finish and leaves your skin glowing.

I should say, for me, it’s still Skinfood for bb creams.

Why am I blogging this? because I have been thinking of selling Skinfood makeup and beauty products again just like I did last year.

My Korean friend keeps bugging me about it.

So much for our little business last year. It went down the drain/ I used all of it!


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